Our team of specialized professionals understand that every community carries its own challenges and needs. Our proactive approach to management has led Treo to be a leader in community management in Utah. We manage condominiums, townhomes, single family PUDs, and office condominiums. We understand that every strong and lasting partnership is built on trust, open communication, and professional results, which is what we strive for daily within the communities we manage.

As such, we provide the following services for each community that shares its journey of growth with us.

Transition Management

We know changing management companies can be daunting but Treo can handle all of that for you! On behalf of the acting board, Treo communicates with the current management company in efforts to set clear deadlines for the transition. Treo will send a comprehensive checklist of documents needed to ensure a smooth, accurate and efficient transition. Leave it in our hands. We don’t just manage; we make things happen!

Financial Management

Finance, Accounting and Collections

Treo Management provides a full scope of accounting services. We are committed to providing timely, accurate, and transparent financial reporting to allow the board to make fully informed decisions. In addition, we provide a wide range of options by which homeowners can pay their dues. Our detailed record keeping and accounting assist in keeping your association on track.

Our accounting team performs the following:

  • Budget preparation and analysis with the community managers
  • Accounts payable: We use an automated accounts payable system. With just a few clicks, board members can login to review and/or approve association invoices. In addition, Our banking relationship with CIT Bank and Alliance Bank, brings services designed for the unique needs of community associations.
  • Assessment receivables
  • Assessment billing and collections
  • Bank account set-up and monitoring
  • Reconciliation and financial reporting each month
  • Investment fund and rollover monitoring
  • Collection services: Our proactive approach with an emphasis on respect leads to higher collections for the community.

24/7 Homeowner Emergency Access

We all know that emergencies don't stop just because it's 5:00pm. Board members and homeowners may report after-hours emergencies by calling our emergency line and speaking with our after-hours representative who will either send out a vendor for repair or report to the acting manager dependent upon the emergency.

At Treo we know the value of creating working relationships with vendors so we have implemented a Preferred Vendor Program. Our experienced and screened vendors understand the importance of emergency services as well as preventative services. Treo maintains current insurance information and coverage for all vendors.

Administrative Services and Board Support

The efforts of a community manager should make things easier for board members to make speedy, informed decisions in the best interest of the association. The community manager handles time-consuming tasks so the board can focus on high-impact decision-making.

Managers are responsible for daily administrative items such as:

  • Facilitating board meetings
  • Prepare board packages in advance of meetings
  • Executive session attendance as needed
  • Notice of meetings-prepare and distribute agendas, notices, ballots, proxies, etc.
  • Prepare and distribute all paperwork associated with the annual meeting
  • Managing contracts with vendors
  • Managing HOA correspondence and communications

Vendor Management and Maintenance

Your community’s governing documents outline what needs to be maintained in your association. Your Treo Management team will take an active role in maintaining the community by way of routine inspections and landscape walks. They conduct regular inspections of the property to make sure common areas are in good working order and members are abiding by the association’s rules and regulations. Our association managers have a solid understanding of building maintenance and repairs. Each manager must be able to identify potential issues, prioritize them, and take appropriate action to address them.

It is a typical practice for managers to be pre-authorized to oversee certain low-expenditure projects on the board’s behalf. They authorize the manager to handle minor items, such as repairing broken sprinkler heads, replacing lighting, or overseeing simple plumbing repairs in common spaces.

Inspection findings are presented to the board via monthly inspection reports sent out automatically through our software program. For extensive repairs, association managers will suggest recommendations to the board based on their findings for review. In addition, association managers prepare requests for proposals for service contracts, such as snow removal, landscaping, and preventive and routine repairs (when needed). Our web-based software program enables us to track all of the work orders initiated and completed throughout the association.

Consistent and Fair Enforcement of Covenants

At Treo we believe that consistency is key in the enforcement process. Your assigned association manager will be educated on your association's community standards and the board's expectations. They will inspect the property on a regular basis for covenant violations, using the governing documents as a guide. This is to ensure there is conformance with all association rules and regulations. Managers then prepare and send out letters for noncompliance items as identified by the associations governing documents.

24/7 Web Portal for Association Owners

Client transparency is vital to Treo. Our cloud-based program provides continual access to your account and association documents, anytime, anywhere, on any device. This portal was designed for ease of use for homeowners and board members alike. The ability to have 24/7 access to check balances, make payments, and view monthly financial reporting and governing documents is key for all owners to stay updated on what is taking place within an association. In addition, this software allows owners to submit exterior modification requests, maintenance requests, and amenity access/card requests.

Architectural and Landscape Modification Requests

Our board portal accelerates the process for architectural/landscape modification requests. By taking a more streamlined approach, homeowners send a modification request via their online portal. The association manager will then review applications and supporting documents to ensure the committee has all the information and attachments needed to make an educated decision. Once the application for modification is ready, the committee then receives a notification with a link to the application in the board portal where an approval can be sent with a simple click the click of a button, or additional requests can then be sent. The association manager will communicate with the homeowner and maintain the records in the association's permanent files once a decision has been made.

Certified Community Managers to Provide Professional Guidance to Board

Though HOA management companies will at times refer the board to the association’s attorney for legal advice, managers can provide guidance on most other matters to facilitate the associations long-term strategic plan. We understand the association's board is ultimately responsible for making all decisions regarding the association. However, our managers have experience and expertise in management best practices as most of our association managers are certified by the Community Associations Institute.

This certification allows them to keep current with Utah civil code sections that apply to condominiums, cooperatives and planned unit development communities. Their insight is invaluable to ensure HOAs act lawfully. Over time, this leads to most boards learning to trust their management company’s expertise, which in turn increases the efficiency of operations overall. We’ve seen the powerful benefits of a strong manager/association relationship, which is why we place so much emphasis on finding the perfect managerial fit for your association.

Reserve Analysis Review and Planning

Reserve fund planning and management also fall within Treo's area of specialization. Our services ensure that the reserve analysis is reviewed annually, and a budgeting plan is executed so that the association is covered for all the financial aspects of the community’s repair and replacement plan.


Treo will prepare ballots and conduct all elections for the associations.

Homeowners Communication

Treo values two-way communication and works hard to make certain all homeowners are heard and communicated to in a professional manner.

Insurance Review

Making sure your community is insured properly based on state laws and the expectations of the community is imperative. Treo works with a handful of qualified agents that specialize in HOA insurance to make sure your community is safeguarded from losses.

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